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Michael Paré, Linda Hoffman, John Simon Jones, Justin Illusion, Anthony Fridjohn, Tony Caprari, Michael McGovern, Greg Melvill-Smith, Deon Stewardson, Frank Notard, Frank Norton, Dave Ridley, David Dukas, David Butler, Michael Brunner
Yossi Wein
IMDB Rating
When he was 6-years-old 23 years ago, Portland, Oregon police detective Jim Randall witnessed the murders of his parents and his sister. Now, Randall is trying to crack a drug ring led by Panella, whose hit men Velazquez and Birch killed Randall's family 23 years ago. After Randall's interruption of another cop's stakeout, Randall's boss Sam Washburn orders him to undergo departmental psychiatric therapy. But Randall's visits with Dr. Maggie Weathers leads to Randall's memories flooding out to confront him. Randall learns that Washburn was mixed up in a scheme to buy the Randall family farm, and after Washburn's death, Washburn's widow hands Randall a file. The trail leads to the Hyperion Export Corporation, owned by Canning, the town's former mayor. Randall sets out to avenge his family's murders, knowing exactly who to go after. Randall starts by going after Velazquez and Birch, who didn't tell Washburn about their orders from Panella to kill the Randalls because the Randalls didn't...
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