Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour Online
Gregory Garrison, Roger Kachel, David Shatraw, Ronn K. Smith, Sherie Rene Scott, Jack Scott, Beau Allen, Mark Eris, John Bantay, Greg Butler, Clete Larkey, Alfredo Miller, Michael Steuber, Jim Testa, Michelle Schumacher
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In "The Coming out of Their Shells Tour" The Ninja Turtles have decided to travel around the world to meet their fans face to face... singing songs they wrote such as "Coming Out of Our Shells", "Pizza Power", "Skippin Stones", "Walk Straight", and "Tubin'". Though while the Turtles are enjoying their time singing and dancing for the fans, Shredder decides to make an attempt to stop the Turtles from making people happy. Shredder, with the help of Baxter Stockman comes forth with his De-Harmonic Convergence Converter. Using this device they will steal all the music in the world, and it also weakens the Turtles if they stand in front of it. Once Shredder arrives on stage with the De-Marmonic Controller the Turtles have to retreat and come up with a plan to save the day. As the fans are tortured by Shredder's bad jokes and singing!!!! The Turtles have to come up with a plan to stop Shredder's De-Harmonic Convergence Converter... and make the world safe for music.
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